What We Offer

Our Facility

Our 2639 Mission Street box is a large facility of 2000 sq ft. of functional space and boasts Rogue pull-up rigs, a large work out area, and the ability to play hard and be as loud as you need.  Our facility is not confined by access or noise.  We do not have any neighbors in the building which allows us to drop heavy weights when necessary.  Our facility is open to Folsom street as well as an alleyway in the back to Ringold St.

Our culture

CrossFit isn’t a one size fits all approach.  We offer group classes as well as 1:1 training that focus on the fundamentals of Crossfit.  Every class/training session begins with a warm-up, a review of the movements, the WOD (WorkOut of the Day) and stretching all in a 1 hour period!  All workouts can be scaled and modified to meet your individual skill levels, strength and work around injuries.  Our goal is to provide a positive workout experience by helping achieve your health and fitness goals.

We will work hard to assure you have all your fitness needs at your fingertips.  We will host specialty seminars (stretching, kettlebell training, yoga etc), friendly team competitions and community days.

Although, we are not nutritionists, at Max Fitness Crossfit, we can work together and recommend nutrition plans that are efficient in providing ultimate fitness success.  After all, nutrition is more important than working out in achieving the fitness results you desire.

If you are interested in the Crossfit Endurance program please inquire with our coaches and we can get you started.

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