F.I.T Yoga

Fitness Integrated Training with Yoga. Enough said.

You may hear the word “yoga” and immediately transport your brain to a sweaty sauna type room or some pretzel like contorted pose and think… nah not for me. So let’s back for a moment and break down WHAT yoga is and why YOU should be doing it.

Yoga is 5,000 + year old science that focus on the integration of mind and body via the breath. When all three are in sync your body is the ultimate power house. Want to move more weight? Run faster? Get stronger? Want to push those knees out and whip those elbows quicker? You can. Only if you know where your elbows and knees are and what your body is capable of.

Optimizing your performance is about recognizing where your body is at and progressing from there. That’s what yoga teaches you. And yes, along the way you gain a little flexibility, coordination and concentration. But more so you gain the awareness to connect mind, body, and breath. The benefit is more mobility, increased performance, and less risk of injury.

F.I.T Yoga Mobility

1 hour class focusing on key mobility issues including shoulders, hips, hammies, and quads to increase functional performance. This class is designed to go slow and focus on stretch and mobilization of the body so it can move optimally. Open to all levels. No mat required.

60 minute mobility class

Wednesdays at 6pm

F.I.T Yoga Flow

This class is taught in a vinyasa style focusing on breath and movement to practice coordination, concentration, strength and flexibility. We will carry body movement from one pose to another with grace and ease. Class incorporates standard yoga poses but offers subs based on body needs. Open to all levels. Mat required.

75 minute yoga class

Sundays at 10am


About Ritu Riyat, MPH, CHES

Ritu is a Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Therapist blending together her life’s lessons around food, movement and meditation to deliver a “whole” approach to well- being. Her philosophy is simple “eat.move.meditate.” She specializes in Real Food Nutrition and Mind Body Connection. Her passion is to help people reconnect with their bodies to make more informed decisions about the lifestyle that is right for them.

She holds a Level 1 Crossfit Certification. 200+hour Yoga Certification and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. In her spare time she can be found bicycling a century, lifting heavy weights and striking a yoga pose. For more information visit www.nutritionize..net

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