• Mazen Nassar


Workout of the Day  Warm up: 10 Sampson Lunges 20 Star stretches 10 Inchworms w/1 Push up Mobility: 1 min Pec Stretch Rig Y stretch Straddle -Strength- Bench Press, 1RM *Including warm up, there is a total window time of 12 minutes to find a 1RM. *For the rep to count, your spotter cannot touch the bar whatsoever unless it is to completely assist in racking the bar due to a failed attempt. Conditioning Six rounds for time of: 24 Air Squats 24 Push ups 24 Sit Ups 400 meter Run

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WOD-10/27/20 and 5 pm Zoom link.

Warm up: 20 jumping jacks 10 burpees 20 kettle bell swings 10 goblet squats Mobility: 2x 30 seconds Spiderman lunge Pigeon pose Straddle Couch Strength: Back Squat 1 X 10 @ 50% 5 X 5 @ 70% 1 + @