• Mazen Nassar


Warm Up: 400m Run PVC Mobility: 10 Pass Throughs without a shrug 10 Pass Throughs with a shrug 5 Around the World (CW) 5 Around the World (CCW) Banded Mobility: 30 seconds each Tricep stretch (Right) Tricep Stretch (Left) Lat Stretch (Right) Lat Stretch (Left) 2 rounds: 20 Second Handstand Hold 10 Second Rest Strength: Push press 5x3 @ 70% 5 Rounds For Reps 1 min Weighted sit-ups (45/25) 1 min  Push Press 45/33 1 min REST 

*Weighted sit ups should only be attempted by advanced athletes  +Score is total Reps ++ Each Rep counts as 1