• Mazen Nassar

Sherry’s Birthday WOD 6/11/18

Happy Birthday Sherry! It is an honor to train you for the last six years! Happy 71st! Wishing you many more years to come! May the be full of joy and good health! From your Max Fitness CrossFit Family. Sherry’s Birthday WOD Warm up: 400 meter run Toy Soldiers Bear Crawl Crab Walk Sampson Lunges Mobility: 1 min Pigeon Side lunge Kick stand Strength: Weighted Pull up Three attempts each time increasing weight, attempt to achieve one rep max. Conditioning: AFAP 71 Squats 71 Romanian Deadlift 45/33 71 Push Press 45/33 71 Sit-Ups 71 Pull Ups 71 calorie Row