• Mazen Nassar


Warm up: Row 300 meters 3 rounds 15 plank to pike 10 scapular pull ups 10 ring rows 5 Yoga push ups 10 Passthroughs Mobility: 30 secs: Hanging partner stretch Flag pole stretch Couch stretch Wrist stretch Trunk Strength: Tabata: I,T,Y Skill: Hand stand push up progressions Conditioning: **"J.T." ** 21-15-9 reps of: Handstand push-ups Ring dips Push-ups Then 100 sit-ups times will be recoded for J.T finish and the time for the 100 sit-ups. Burn out: 800 meter run 20 diamond push-ups  

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No zoom class today. Back tomorrow!

Warm up: 3 rounds 10 Dive bomber push ups 10 Tic Tocs 10 band pull apart 10 jumping squats Mobility: 20 pass throughs 5 around the world (c,cc) 1 min box stretch left side (pulsating) 1 min box stretc

WOD/10/20/20 and 5pm Zoom link

Warm Up: 20 Jumping Jacks 10 Stationary Toy Soldiers 5 Stationary Inchworms x 2 push ups 10 Hollow Rocks 20 Squats 10 Scap. Pull ups 10 Tic Tocs (Beat Swings) 10 PVC Passthroughs 10 PVC Around the Wor