• Mazen Nassar


20 Jumping Jacks 10 Star Touches 10 Right Reverse Lunge then Right Knee to Chest 10 Left Reverse Lunge then Left Knee to Chest 10 Small Arm Circles Forward 10 Big Arm Circles Forward 10 Small Arm Circles Backward 10 Big Arm Circles Backward Mobility: 30 Seconds Each Lunge (Right) Pigeon Pose (Right) Lunge (Left) Pigeon Pose (Left) Banded Lat Stretch (Right) Banded Lat Stretch (Left) Lighter KB than you swing with: Without Putting the KB down complete: 5 Russian KBS 5 American KBS 10 Russian KBS 10 American KBS Partner Core Tabata: Each partner does 4 straight rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest of: Partner Leg Drops *Partner A: Standing up, Pushing Partner B’s legs to the floor. Be sure to throw legs straight and side to side. Partner B: Lying on back holding on to Partner A’s ankles. Using your core muscles resist your feet touching the ground while Partner A is pushing your feet toward the ground. Maintain the small of your back on the ground at all times WOD: Run KBS 53/35 Burpees #1 21 9 #2 18 12 #3 15 15 #2 12 18 #1 9 21 #1: Run to Capp Street and back (turn right outside of gym) #2: Full loop from gym down Capp Street #3: Full City Block loop down S.VanNess Street