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WOD-1/20/20 This "MLK" memorial workout celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. An American who

This "MLK" memorial workout celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. An American who fought tirelessly for equality. A personal hero! The significance of the rep scheme is as follows: 15 reps of turkish get-ups for being 15 years old when he started college; 19 pike push-ups and 29 burpees for the year 1929, when he was born; 19 swings and 55 hollow rocks for the year 1955, when the Montgomery Bus Boycott happened; 19 goblet squats and 63 mountain climbers for the year 1963, when he gave his "I Have A Dream" speech; 19 swings and 86 air squats for the year 1986, when the first MLK Day was celebrated; 35 sumo deadlifts for winning the nobel prize at the age of 35; and 39 lying toe touches for his assassination at the age of 39 (on April 4, 1968). Many WODs have been created in tribute to MLK. This particular one was first posted by Bowties and Barbells on Instagram, after it was performed at The Workout Company Training Club (Bloomington, IL, USA) in 2017. Their Instagram post did not specify an prescribed (Rx) weight but we confirmed with the creator that Rx for the workout is to use a single 53/35 lb kettlebell. * For Time, with a Single Kettlebell (53/35 lb) * 15 Turkish Get-Ups (alternating) * * Then, 1 Round of: * 19 Pike Push-Ups (24/20 in box) * 29 Burpees * * Then 2 Rounds of: * 19 Kettlebell Swings * 55 Hollow Rocks * * Then, 1 Round of: * 19 Goblet Squats * 63 Mountain Climbers * * Then, 2 Rounds of: * 19 Kettlebell Swings * 86 Air Squats * * Finally, 3 Rounds of: * 35 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls * 39 Lying Toe Touches (alternating) Perform the entire workout with a single kettlebell for use in each weighted movement (kettle bell swings, goblet squats, mountain climbers, sumo deadlift high-pulls). 


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