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Home WOD 3/20/20

Warm up 2 rounds.

10 Sampson Lunges

20 stationary Toy Soldiers

10 Inchworms

20 Star Crunches

Core: 4 rounds

15 Sit ups

20 Straight leg toe touches

Extend legs up in the air while lying on your back. Reach for your toes. From the end of that range of motion hold position and reach up pulsing 20 times.

Conditioning 5 rounds

  • Run a full city Block 800 m

  • 20 Step ups. On a stable chair 🪑 or elevated surface

  • 20 Back Extensions

  • 20 Ground to Overhead You can use a back pack or anything you have around the house. Jug of water so many ways to get creative. Show me what you come ip with. Post times and what you did for equipment.

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