• Mazen Nassar

Max Fitness community, with a heavy heart we are announcing our final month.

This is a difficult post to write. After nearly a decade, Max Fitness will have to close its doors in San Francisco. We will close our doors at the end of this month, March 2021.

The community we created, the friendships made, the memories and overall experience was and is a highlight of the last 9 years. We love and appreciate every athlete that walked through our doors. We created a community that I hope will not end. We are grateful for all of you and those who stuck it out with us during this pandemic.

The last 12 months have been extremely difficult for all of us both on a personal and business level. The impact was too great for us to be able to continue. We currently do not know what is in store for us in the future. With the pandemic seemingly at a near end, the economic impact in San Francisco can and some say will take another 12 months to recover especially in health and fitness. Unfortunately, that is not feasible for us.

While our last day will be this month, we are open to continue limited online classes.

With love,

Mazen and Jeff

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