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This is incredibly exciting. We just renewed our lease for 5 more years. But that’s not all, we are expanding. We are taking over both spaces and the basement. The benefits are great for us. More open space, more windows, more sunlight, and the list goes on. We have more details listed below. Bottom line is that we are here to stay and Max Fitness will emerge bigger and better and ready for 2021.

Why? We see this as a temporary, albeit currently long, pandemic. More importantly we are not ready to throw in the towel. We are passionate about health and fitness. This is our calling but more importantly, life must continue. Regardless what the post COVID will look like, we all must forge on and create our own new norm. We believe this should include a healthy lifestyle and in a social environment. This is for both physical and mental health.

How? Timing worked out for us and the current landlords. They are taking advantage of this time to upgrade and expand. We worked out a deal that is mutually beneficial. We get to expand our locations while they get the back end of the building for new apartments.

When? Now. The current space is open. The expansion will happen at once in the November timeframe. There will be changes to our existing space, with limited impact, over the next couple of months. We will keep communication open as we work with the landlord.

Summary and details on what’s new.

1. We have signed a 5 year lease. We are here to stay, and we will outlast COVID-19.

a. Between now and December, there will be some construction that will impact our current facility. There may be a period of 1-2 weeks where we have to close our doors towards the November timeframe. We will keep you posted.

2. We have more space. We are taking over both front entrances of our current locations. The building is remodeling and adding more apartments in the back area. This means from the current bathroom area and back, will be traded off for the combined from window location.

a. This adds a lot of usable space. The area will be open as the current wall between the two spaces will be knocked down minus the pillars.

b. We have 100% access to the basement however, the basement is strictly for gym storage use and only accessible by stairs. This frees up space for members. The basement will be fully ventilated and finished. Again, for storage purposes only.

3. The new space will include bathrooms and showers. As we are giving up the back area, we will be building out two new bathrooms and a separate shower.

4. We are currently holding strong to CrossFit as a tried and true form of exercise. We will continue to introduce other forms of health and fitness such as yoga, one-on-one training. More to come.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates.

We want to thank our community that is continuing to support us through this unprecedented time. We are all in this together. I know we are all impacted, and we truly appreciate your support.

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