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So. Opening?

As per California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for Fitness facilities, we are opening with guidelines.

We are prioritizing your health and fitness. Please keep this in mind as we have limited times and capacities. The opening capacity (10%) and cleaning guidelines are very stringent which limit the space and require extra time and caution to keep the place sterile. We do have alternatives such as zoom group classes and individual and customized workouts. Please contact us for details.

To open our doors, we have many rules and we are abiding by them ALL. Here are some best practices and information specific to you.

Pre-Arrival & Arrival Procedures

· Please wear a mask and sanitize/wash hands upon entering the gym.

· Online reservations for classes and appointments to ensure group sizes are within regulations.

· Ensure that you are scheduling your time.

Utilizing Outdoor Space

· Feel free to run outdoors, Coach permitting. Back area is off limits.

Social Distancing & Limited Contact

· We have created spaces for each athlete equipped with everything you need to get on with your fitness!

· Gym set-up allows for appropriate social distancing as you workout.

· Coaches have designated areas from which to coach you while respecting your physical space.

· Air high fives and verbal encouragement in the place of high fives and fist bumps in order to limit physical contact.

Extra Precautions with Equipment

· Please no sharing of equipment with other athletes that are not in your household.

· You are responsible for sanitizing your equipment at the end of class and/or before you put any equipment back.

o Each athlete area will contain a bottle of hospital-grade disinfectant and a cleaning rag.

o Spray all equipment and floor area used with the solution. Let soak for 1 minute. Wipe away excess.

· In addition, the gym is deep-cleaned throughout the week.

Wear a Face Covering (NEW MANDATE CDPH)

· When entering or moving within any public indoor space.

· While using or waiting to use public (buses, light-rail) or non-personal (taxis, car services, ride-shares) transportation services.

What about medical conditions? (CHECK FACEMASK MANDATE)

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